You are currently viewing Amid SEC’s immediate responses over ETF filings, bears lose $155M in shorts
Amid SEC's immediate responses over ETF filings, bears lose $155M in shorts

Amid SEC’s immediate responses over ETF filings, bears lose $155M in shorts

  • Post published:January 9, 2024

Ah, the theatrical dance of the crypto market, where every SEC move is a cue, and the bears, well, they just got served another bitter dish of liquidation losses totaling a whopping $155 million. In this ever-dramatic episode of crypto theatrics, we find ourselves saying, “We told you so” once again.

SEC’s ETF Ballet: A Swift Choreography

The SEC, known for its unhurried regulatory waltz, surprisingly broke into a sprint, responding to Bitcoin ETF filings with Olympic-level agility. The crypto market, being the volatile arena that it is, responded with an orchestra of price pumps that had bears frantically scrambling.

But is this fair play? Cryptocurrency market manipulation allegations have been flung around more than a game of catch in a kindergarten playground. News outlets and Bitcoin maximalists on Twitter seem to hold the reins, steering the market as they see fit. Welcome to the world of selective information dissemination, where a tweet can send markets into a frenzy.

Decentralization Dilemma: Unraveling the Chaos

However, let’s not be blinded by the glitter of the crypto universe. Decentralization, the supposed backbone of this space, seems more like a theory than a practice. The market, with its strings pulled by a handful of influencers and information outlets, paints a different picture. And then there are those 100X leverages, the notorious villains blocking the path to mainstream crypto adoption. We’ve sung this chorus before, but it’s worth repeating — the biggest impediment to crypto’s embrace is not its complexity but its simplicity turned sinister.

Enter Kandle: Where Bulls and Bears Find Common Ground

In this chaotic crypto opera, whether you sport horns or fur, it doesn’t matter on Kandle. A unique sanctuary for both bulls and bears, where the only thing you lose is the concept of losing. The market may be a tempest, but on Kandle, you navigate through it with a smile.

Why Kandle? A Haven in the Crypto Storm

Kandle isn’t just another crypto platform; it’s a haven for traders navigating the storm. Why?

Global Playground: With over 180,000 registered users from more than 100 countries, Kandle stands as a global beacon in the online gaming industry.

Dive into the Storm: Explore Kandle’s Diverse Games

In the tumultuous realm of Kandle, there’s a game for every crypto enthusiast:

Mega Leagues: Experience the thrill of swift market movements, with gains reaching an impressive 100X in just 60 seconds.

Coin Leagues: Engage in strategic battles, competing for 2X returns based on a specific coin’s performance in just 60 seconds.

Portfolio Leagues: Diversify your approach, building portfolios of different crypto coins and competing for rewarding returns.

High/Low: Predict the direction of price movement for two crypto coins, adding a layer of complexity for a dynamic trading experience.

Predict 2 Win: Engage in a game of prediction, forecasting whether the price of a given asset will rise or fall within a specified time frame.


As the crypto market whirls in chaos, Kandle stands as an oasis of sanity. Play games, make money, and simplify the complexities that surround you. In this world of crypto uncertainty, Kandle is the beacon guiding you through the storm. Embrace the chaos, embrace the games, and let your profits be your only worry.