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Play 2 Earn Campaign Conclusion

đŸ“¢Announcement :: Kandle’s P2E campaign & Crypto Mega Leagues

  • Post published:September 26, 2023

Our journey has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve seen Kandle grow into a global sensation, and all thanks to you – our incredible community of crypto enthusiasts. Today, we celebrate the conclusion of a campaign that has left its mark on the world of crypto gaming – Kandle’s Play 2 Earn (P2E) campaign.

Global Vibrance

Kandle has transcended boundaries, bringing together over 120,000 users from 80+ countries where every user was able to make 10 $USDT every day by playing and winning Free Practice Leagues. In the last 45 days, our users have united in the spirit of competition to collectively play over 1 million leagues.  

True to Kandle’s mission, the P2E campaign was designed to empower the newbies and degens of the crypto world. At Kandle, we believe in making crypto – a friendly and fun experience for everyone, regardless of their investment size. This campaign was just the first step of many in that direction.

Introducing: Kandle Mega Leagues

While we celebrate the successful conclusion of our P2E campaign, we want you to know that this is only the beginning. We have an array of exciting features, games, and opportunities lined up for you – only on Kandle.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Kandle community. WAGMI