You are currently viewing $100 trade on Binance or Game on Kandle? What would you choose?
$100 trade on Binance or Game on Kandle? What would you choose?

$100 trade on Binance or Game on Kandle? What would you choose?

  • Post published:November 20, 2023

Since there is a slight pump in the crypto market, we can see some of the paper hands coming back who left after the FTX and LUNA crash, will try their luck again with trading and making a fortune in the crypto space. Traders keep the market alive, we need traders in every market, but for the majority of traders lose money because of the institutional involvement.

The most important and obvious question to ask yourself is, how much can you actually make when you start trading crypto? Let’s start with a decent amount according to global standards and dive deep into the facts or facade of crypto trading. Is your crypto bro making as much as he claims? Or is it just wearing a clown face which you can’t see? We’ll also talk about the alternatives to trading crypto on exchanges, which are more beneficial.

Landing on an Exchange and depositing $100

As soon as you land on Binance or any crypto exchange for that matter, you’ll be overwhelmed with information and types of trading you can do, with thousands of coins to choose from, and little to no knowledge about the fundamentals of different crypto projects. You will land on to Binance futures, because if you had to make a 10X in 10 years, you’d be buying Bitcoin instead of reading this blog here.

It may appear lucrative to take leverage and trade on money you have lent, but it’s much riskier than it appears.

Example : 

You take a long call on a coin at 10X leverage with $5, to make it easy to understand let’s assume that the price of this $XYZ coin is $1, which in literal terms means that you’ve taken a loan of $45 from Binance and bought $XYZ coin thinking that it will moon.

Positive Case :  Let’s assume that you hold this trade for an hour and the price of the coin increases by 10% (which is very rare in this market because of the BTC dominance), you earn $5, which means you effectively doubled your $5. Considering that there is only a 5% chance of you making any profits in this trade.

Negative Case : The price of the coin decreased by 10%, you lose $5, which means you effectively lost 5% of your total portfolio value. Considering that there is a 95% chance that this is the fortune of your trade.

These both scenarios work when you have your eyes on the charts every moment and don’t forget to close the trade or take profits. While in a flash crash, you could get liquidated within seconds and lose your entire portfolio.

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Kandle won’t let you loose/lose

Now if you choose Kandle instead of directly diving into trading crypto, the odds are completely opposite, all your stars are aligned and are in your favor. Kandle takes a new approach towards trading, you can call it fantasy trading. Just how you pick your preferred player or set of players and speculate on their performance in fantasy football.

You pick your preferred coin or set of coins and speculate on their real time performance in the market. This gives Kandle an upper hand in distributing rewards to a larger set of players. To begin with, we have Mega Leagues, the easiest way to make up to 100X in crypto regardless of the market, bear or bull.

Depositing $100 in your Kandle Wallet

As soon as you dive into the Kandle World, you’ll have 5 types of games to choose from, namely Mega League, Coin League, Portfolio League, High/Low and Predict-to-Win.

Example : 

Let’s start with Mega League, you pick your preferred coin which you think will outperform the rest of the coins and enter a league with an entry fee of $5, which has an upside potential of 50X, because you are competing with 200 players, instead of an institutional investor trying to fill his sell orders.

Positive Case : A mega league on Kandle lasts for 60 seconds, in which you can land on any positing out of the 200 players depending on performance of the coin that you’ve selected. Assuming you’ve selected a volatile coin which is performing well, you end up getting the 10th rank in the game, which means you effectively doubled your money in 60 seconds, with 62% surety that you’ll win a prize.

Negative Case : Assuming your luck wasn’t that great and you ended up getting 124th rank out of 200 players in the game, you still walk out of the game with your originally wagered $5, which you can re-invest and play again.


$100 in Trading or a wild ride with Kandle? Crypto’s back, and so are the paper hands, but let’s talk alternatives. Binance overwhelms, and leveraging? Risky business. Kandle flips the script with fantasy trading—Mega Leagues, Coin Leagues, and more. No need to be a chart ninja; just pick a coin and compete. Take Mega League: $5, 60 seconds, and a shot at 50X returns. Even if you’re 124th out of 200, you walk away with your $5, ready for more. So, Binance or Kandle? The latter’s our bet for a real crypto adventure. Dive in, let the games begin! 🚀💰