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How Fantasy Crypto is reshaping crypto as we know it

How Fantasy Crypto is reshaping crypto as we know it

  • Post published:November 6, 2023

Fantasy Crypto? What’s that? Exactly like Fantasy sports but instead of picking up players and speculating on their performance in the game, you pick coin(s) of your choice and speculate on the real time performance of the coin and win rewards upto 100X, just like fantasy sports. There are multiple reasons for you to explore Fantasy Crypto.

First would be to look at the reality of the crypto market these days, 95% of the traders lose money, it’s not perma-bull at the moment, which is making a lot of people exit the market, which doesn’t seem to help our goal of global adoption of crypto. That’s why we came up with Kandle, we believe gamification of crypto has the potential for global adoption.

What are the odds?

What are the odds of winning in Fantasy Crypto? More than trading, a lot more than trading. While only 5% of the traders make money, on Kandle, up to 70% of the players make money. Yes, even if you land on the 700th rank out of 1000 people, you’ll still get your money back, and if you land the 1st rank, you make 100X.

We’ve picked up the best of both worlds, while in fantasy sports or betting, you can lose it all. While on Kandle, you have a up to 70% chance of winning and also get to make upto 100X.

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How does Fantasy Crypto work?

In case you’re sporting a serious expression, Kandle‘s gig is this: it lets users dive into time-bound trading challenges and grab rewards based on how they perform.

Now, if you’re on the fun side of the fence like yours truly, Kandle’s got a whole different vibe – it blends the excitement of fantasy gaming with the wild world of crypto trading.

How does it work, you ask? Well, Kandle serves up various pathways to make this magic happen. Shall we delve into this sunshine on offer?

Mega Leagues

Ever heard of a league? It’s more than a game, it’s a chance to boost your earnings without risking your entire stash. Take a swing at the Mega League where you pick a coin and enter a 60-second showdown to see who reigns supreme. The top-performing coin grants its player a whopping 100X return on their stake, and you can get in on the action with as little as $0.1. So, why hold back?

Coin Leagues

Ready for a direct face-off, a real 1-on-1 showdown? Select your coin, battle it out for a minute, and earn a 2X reward if you come out on top. Need a fun, easy way to double up your excitement? Whether you prefer small or large bets, we’ve got the perfect leagues for you. Entry fees start from a mere $1, going all the way up to $100, providing double-or-nothing chances.

Portfolio Leagues

Another league, you say? Not a joke at all. This one’s more about safe bets. Construct a portfolio with five coins – it might sound daunting, but trust me, it’s a piece of cake. Randomly pick your coins or instantly choose five, then jump into the joyful competition to see how your portfolio performs in comparison to others’. And the prize? Well, that’s based on how well your portfolio fares in the market.


Wait, another shot at scoring 10X with your crypto know-how? This one’s for the true risk-takers, the ones eager to show off their crypto expertise. Go ahead, give it a whirl! Start playing with just a dollar and watch it turn into $10 in under a minute.

What else, you ask? Gotta see it to believe it, my friend. Your thoughts matter – this game is by and for the daredevils, so shoot us your suggestions and ideas. It’s all about making this experience top-notch for everyone involved.