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The Journey of Bald Coin: Its Rise & Fall

  • Post published:August 4, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Meme Coins have taken the spotlight as quirky and humorous digital assets. One such intriguing addition to the meme coin universe is Bald Coin. With its engaging community and unique branding, Bald Coin has managed to make its presence felt in the crypto space. In this article, we will delve into the journey of Bald Coin, from its inception to its recent developments, and explore the factors that have shaped its rise and fall.

How did it come into existence?

The Bald Coin is a meme coin that was launched on July 29, 2023. The coin was created by an anonymous developer who went by the name “Bald.” The coin quickly gained popularity, riding the wave of meme coin mania that had captivated the crypto community. It was conceived by a group of crypto enthusiasts with a vision to inject humor and fun into the otherwise serious world of digital assets. Embracing the concept of baldness as a symbol of simplicity and transparency, Bald Coin became a unique player in the meme coin market. 

What is the rise & fall controversy?

Upon its launch, Bald Coin quickly gained popularity, attracting a passionate community of supporters. The Bald Coin team leveraged social media and internet culture to create a strong and interactive user base. Memes featuring the iconic bald avatar flooded various platforms, making it a viral sensation and driving its adoption. 

Within just a day of its launch on Coinbase COIN Base Network, a layer two chain built on Ethereum ETH/USD, this meme coin soared from zero to $50 million in market capitalization. In spite of this meteoric rise, the project later faced a series of perplexing actions that cast doubt on its legitimacy. 

Let us know what happened next when people suddenly became doubtful about the rising coin. 

The meme coin poking fun at Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s lack of hair, plunged in value by 92% suddenly after getting a great rise in the market, it went all the way down and invisible. What’s that? How did it happen? Let us clear all your doubts with a clear concept that prevails in the crypto world, the “RUG PULL”.

What is rug pull?

It is a type of cryptocurrency scam in which the developers of a project abandon it and take the investors’ money. The name comes from the phrase “pulling the rug out from under someone”, meaning to withdraw support unexpectedly. Rug pulls are a common type of cryptocurrency scam, and they can be very lucrative for developers. In 2021, rug pulls accounted for over $2.8 billion in losses.  

Reverting back to the Bald Coin, on July 31, 2023, the developer pulled the liquidity from the Bald Coin’s trading pair on Uniswap. This caused the price of the coin to plummet, and it is now trading for less than $1 per coin.  

After the troubles that hit BALD, there’s something new emerging too. A new BALD token has been introduced; this time, it’s designed with locked liquidity. This move is meant to bring back hope and trust to the project.

The people behind BALD demonstrate determination to rectify the situation and regain the confidence of those who believed in them.


Meme coins might seem funny and quirky to adapt but they have various misleading traits as well, one of them being the situation that consumed the Bald Coin and the investors were left with nothing in the market. It was a loss for all, and the trust was broken. 

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P.S. Do your research before trusting any meme coin. Indulge in small or limited amounts where you wouldn’t mind losing it.