You are currently viewing Blackrock’s meeting with SEC pumps bitcoin, here’s how you cash in
Blackrock’s meeting with SEC pumps bitcoin, here’s how you cash in

Blackrock’s meeting with SEC pumps bitcoin, here’s how you cash in

  • Post published:December 21, 2023

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, major events like BlackRock’s meetings with the SEC can significantly influence the market, especially Bitcoin. As this meeting marks its 5th occurrence, there’s a recurring pattern — positive news leads to a surge in Bitcoin prices. While many rush to buy crypto on traditional exchanges, there’s a more strategic way to capitalize on these events without falling victim to the pitfalls of traditional trading.

Understanding the Game: “Buy the Rumour, Sell the News”

The crypto market operates on the principle of “Buy the rumour, sell the news.” While positive news attracts a wave of retail investors, it also triggers sell orders from institutional investors who are waiting to capitalize on the surge in prices. This often leads to a flash crash, catching many traders off guard and resulting in substantial liquidations.

A Safer Alternative: Kandle’s Mega Leagues and Coin Leagues

Instead of engaging in high-risk trades during such events, traders can turn to platforms like Kandle for a safer and potentially more rewarding experience. Kandle offers Mega Leagues and Coin Leagues, providing an alternative to traditional exchanges.

Why Kandle?

Low Risk, High Reward: Kandle’s risk-to-return ratio is comparatively lower, reducing the chances of significant losses.

Instant Gains: Participate in Mega Leagues or Coin Leagues when a specific coin is pumping, and witness instant gains ranging from 2X to an impressive 100X in just 60 seconds.

Up to 70% Winning Probability: Kandle’s unique format offers users a winning probability of up to 70%, providing a more favorable environment for success.

Limited Losses: Even in the event of a loss, users only forfeit their entry amount, avoiding catastrophic portfolio losses common in traditional futures trading.

How to Get Started on Kandle:

Sign Up: Create your account on Kandle.

Explore Leagues: Discover Mega Leagues and Coin Leagues available on the platform.

Risk Management: Enjoy a controlled environment where risks are limited, ensuring a safer trading experience.

Participate: Join leagues strategically during positive news cycles, leveraging the platform’s unique features for potential gains.

Dive into the Excitement: Explore Kandle’s Diverse Games

In the vibrant realm of Kandle, we offer an array of engaging games designed to cater to every trader’s taste. Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of games you can find on Kandle:

Mega Leagues: Thrilling Dynamics: Mega Leagues are the adrenaline-packed events where users can capitalize on rapid market movements.

Instant Gains: Participants experience the rush of instant gains, with the potential to multiply their investment up to 100X in just 60 seconds.

Coin Leagues: Coin Leagues are strategic battles where traders compete against each other based on the performance of a specific cryptocurrency or stock for 2X returns in just 60 seconds. With a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from, users can strategically enter leagues aligned with their preferred assets.

Portfolio Leagues: Portfolio Leagues offer a diversified approach, allowing users to build a portfolio of different cryptocurrencies. Users can showcase their trading prowess by managing a portfolio and competing against others for rewarding returns.

High/Low: High/Low is a game of prediction where users forecast whether the price of a chosen asset will go higher or lower within a specified time frame. With quick results and a straightforward format, High/Low is perfect for those who enjoy rapid-fire decision-making.

Predict 2 Win: In Predict 2 Win, users predict the direction of price movement for two chosen cryptocurrencies. A dual challenge that adds a layer of complexity, providing a dynamic and engaging trading experience.


By choosing Kandle, traders can break free from the traditional “Buy the rumour, sell the news” cycle and opt for a more secure and rewarding trading experience. Say goodbye to flash crashes and liquidations — embrace the future of crypto trading with Kandle!