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How Kandle is Standing out in the Bear Market?

  • Post published:October 11, 2023

If you’ve been active in the crypto space for a while as a trader or an investor, the market has been nothing but demotivating for most of us, a large proportion of the crypto degens have left the market and are now doing a ‘real job’.

In other words, those who were in for a quick buck are gone, and those left are either too invested in the crypto space or are working in the crypto space, formally or informally, which is not that surprising. What’s surprising is a way to still win big in this bear market!

People are trading, but really only 5% of those traders are making money, out of which, the institutions take a hefty share for themselves. There is no volume left for low-value retail investors and the high-value retail investors are losing as well, because of the involvement of institutions.

So is this the end? One canon event and we’re all applying for Mcdonalds? Well, not yet. We got you at Kandle.

Where Kandle Comes into play?

If you ask that with a serious face, here’s what Kandle does ⇒ Kandle is enabling users to compete in time-limited trading challenges for rewards based on their performance.

But if you’re fun like me, then Kandle brings the thrill of fantasy gaming and crypto trading together.
How Exactly? There are multiple ways to do it on Kandle, let’s dive into it and understand possibly the only sunshine that there is, eh?

Mega Leagues

WTF is a league? Is this some sort of game? Yes, one that makes you money, up to 100X, without leverage or risking your whole wallet being liquidated.

How does it work?

You pick the coin of your preference and fun-compete with other players in the Mega League. Whoever’s preferred coin performs best in the time span of 60 seconds, gets to win 100X of your staked game fees. (starts with as little as $0.1 Imagine?)

What about others? Others also win big, overall 67% of the players who join the Mega League get to win in Mega leagues. Here’s the winning distribution for better understanding :

Coin leagues

This one is Head to Head, 1 on 1, or a bull fight as you may call it. You choose your preferred coin which you think is going to perform well in the next 60 seconds, and you compete with another player, whoever gets to win the reward, gets 2X straight up.

You haven’t made a 2X this easy, have you? Low Stake or High Stake, we got you covered. Leagues start from as low as $1 entry fees and go up to $100 with instant 2X opportunities.

Portfolio Leagues

Another league? Am I kidding ya? No. This one is a safer choice after all. Here you create a portfolio of 5 coins, which sounds like a big deal but really isn’t. You can randomly select your coins or just pick 5 coins that you want within seconds.

Once you create your portfolio, you fun-compete with the portfolio of other players, and get to win the reward on the basis of performance of your portfolio in the market. Of which, the reward distribution kind of looks like this :

Entry Fees in this league — $2


Now what’s this? This is another way of making 10X, with your knowledge of crypto space, this is for pure degens, who’ve not been able to flex their crypto knowledge in front of boomers, here’s your chance, bro.

Just play with $1, and win $10 straight away in less than a minute.

Anything else? Well you have to check it out for yourself bro, let me know what you think here, this is a game by the degens for the degens, so your suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.

There is Hope

Come on bro, you can do better

See ya later bros, chow!