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Another bull trap? How can you utilize institutional market movements

  • Post published:October 27, 2023

At the time of writing this article, BTC is trading just above $34,000, which is strange because there was no forecast of this pump in the charts, and neither there was any news, so what is it? If it’s not retail.

Well like a believer we’ll say that this is institutional buying which leads retail investors to FOMO into the market filling sell orders for the institutions.

But why can’t it be a pump from the retail market, I have some insights for that which might be helpful. Global equity markets are on the verge of an armageddon, we’ve been waiting for the big lehman brothers moment for 2 years now, global big giants have freezed hiring till the next calendar year, the global consumption has dropped significantly in the last quarter, and last but not least, 2 full fledged wars are going on at the moment.

Then why would retail investors bail out of the safe investing options and jump into this boling hot volcano of cryptocurrencies? Now what can you do in these market conditions, We’ll add our 2 cents which can help.

The wiser choice

Wiser choice in any market is to not FOMO into the institutional pumps, wiser choice is to keep buying some amount of blue chip coins you believe has a strong community and have a future in regards to the development. Bi-weekly or monthly, whenever you get your wages, buy some amount of your preferred coins and hold it till eternity, which in crypto timeline translates to 10 years.

Just like your mutual funds and recurring deposits, but with a higher return ratio, your DCA will be better than anyone timing the markets. Now this is what you do for the long term, how do you make medium and short term gains? We got it covered for you.

Make money so that money can work for you

Yes, make money first so that it can work for you, now in these market conditions where there is no volume 11 months of the year, where 95% of the traders lose money, you can’t really be dependent on trading to make a fortune in this market. That’s where Kandle comes into play, no matter what the market conditions are, you can still make gains, but how?

Kandle combines fantasy gaming and crypto trading. What does that mean? On Kandle, there are multiple ways to accomplish this, so let’s take a look at the only sunshine there might be, shall we?

Mega Leagues

A fun way to win big, upto 100X, in just 60 seconds, without having to wait for months for shitcoins in your wallet to magically give you 100X return.

How does it work?

You pick the coin of your preference and fun-compete with other players in the Mega League. Whoever’s preferred coin performs best in the time span of 60 seconds, gets to win 100X of your staked game fees. (starts with as little as $0.1 Imagine?). What about others? Others also win big, overall 67% of the players who join the Mega League get to win in Mega leagues.

Coin Leagues

Head to Head, a one on one event, or perhaps a bullfight might be a better description. As part of the game, you choose your favorite coin that you believe will perform well in the next 60 seconds, and compete with another player. If you are able to win, you get 2X straight up.

2X has never been this easy for you, has it? Low Stake or High Stake, we got you covered. With instant 2X opportunities, league entry fees start at $1 and go up to $100.

Portfolio Leagues

In portfolio leagues, you have the opportunity to form a portfolio consisting of 5 coins. While it might seem like a significant task, it’s actually quite straightforward. You can either randomly choose your coins or simply select the 5 coins you prefer in a matter of seconds.

After creating your portfolio, you engage in a fun competition with portfolios from other participants. Your chances of winning a reward are determined by how well your portfolio performs in the market.


It’s another way to turn your crypto game into a 10X win. This one’s for all you crypto-savvy rebels who want to show the boomers what you’re made of. Here’s your golden opportunity, my friend!

Just throw in a buck, and bam! You’ve got 10 bucks in your pocket in under a minute. Easy peasy!Instead of trying to time the market, and have a 5/100 probability that you’re going to make money. You’ve gotta give it a whirl, dude! Drop me a line with your thoughts, ’cause this game’s all about the degens, and we’re totally cool with your suggestions and recommendations.

Note : This blog is solely written for educational purposes, and should not be considered as a financial advice.