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Crypto Paper Trading: A new way of learning the real crypto trading

  • Post published:August 8, 2023


Hey Kandlers, welcome to the fascinating world of crypto trading! If you’re eager to explore the realms of cryptocurrencies but hesitant about the risks involved, this could be the perfect starting point for you. However, for newcomers to the crypto space, navigating complex and volatile markets can be intimidating. That’s where “Crypto Paper Trading” comes in. Paper trading becomes an essential tool to gain experience and confidence, before diving into real trading with actual funds.

We are here today to walk you through everything you need to know about Crypto Paper Trading, its benefits, how to get started, and some valuable tips to excel in your virtual trading journey. 

What is Crypto Paper Trading?

In one of our recent articles, we delved into “Altcoin Fantasy” which is quite similar to this concept. Let’s try to understand how these two are comparable as this would help us understand more about crypto paper trading better. 

Imagine having a magical playground where you can trade cryptocurrencies with virtual money, observing real market conditions, but without any real financial consequences. That’s it! 

Crypto Paper Trading, also known as virtual trading or simulated trading, is a practice that allows individuals to experience the real crypto trading environment without using real money. Participants use virtual currency, often referred to as “play money,” to execute trades and monitor their performance in real time.  

Crypto Paper Trading and Altcoin Fantasy are two distinct approaches to cryptocurrency trading education and practice, each offering unique features and benefits. They both are valuable tools for learning and practicing cryptocurrency trading, but they cater to different preferences and learning styles. 

Crypto Paper Trading focuses on providing a risk-free and immersive trading experience, while Altcoin Fantasy gamifies the learning process and offers real rewards to contest winners. Depending on your goals and preferences, you can choose the platform that best suits your learning needs and objectives. 

So, whether you prefer a risk-free practice environment or enjoy gamified learning, both options have something unique to offer to enhance your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Why does Crypto Paper Trading matter? 

Before we dive into the “how-to,” let’s understand why Crypto Paper Trading matters and how it can empower you in your crypto journey:  

  1. Zero financial risk: This is a way where you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them without losing a single penny of your hard-earned money. 
  2. Confidence building: Gain confidence as you witness your virtual trades turning profitable. This newfound self-assurance will be invaluable once you step into the real trading world. 
  3. Learning experience: It’s a hands-on educational experience, giving you insights into market dynamics, technical analysis, and the art of making well-informed decisions. These all decisions would be totally based on real-market insights. 
  4. Experimentation zone: You also get a chance to test different strategies, explore various cryptocurrencies, and find your trading style without the pressure of real money on the line. Explore as much as you want and get your hands on everything!
  5. Understanding crypto wallets and exchanges: It introduces newcomers to the concepts of digital wallets and exchanges. You get to learn how to execute trades, manage funds, and explore various order types. 

How to get started with Crypto Paper Trading?

Now that you have understood the importance of Crypto Paper Trading, let’s embark on your journey to becoming a virtual crypto trader by following some easy steps:

  1. Choosing the right platform: There are several platforms available, so pick one that suits your needs. Look for real-time market data, a user-friendly interface, and a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade. 
  2. Sign up and set up: Create an account on your chosen platform and set up your virtual wallet. Now you’ll be provided with play money. Do not think of it as something virtual, instead treat it like your real capital.
  3. Learn the jargon: Before indulging deeper with the app, try to understand common trading terms like “buy,” “sell,” “limit order,” and “stop-loss.” This knowledge will be essential when you will be executing the virtual trades.
  4. Start trading: Now comes the exciting part! Begin executing trades with your virtual funds. Observe the market movements, analyze charts, and make decisions just like a real trader would do.  Monitor the performance of your virtual portfolio. Keep a journal of your trades, noting down what worked and what didn’t. This simple process would help you in building potential strategies. 
  5. Keep learning: This is a chance to explore, win or lose, and especially learn from all of it. Not only your portfolio needs to be tracked but your performance as well. 

Transitioning to real trading 

Congratulations! You’ve reached a stage where you must be feeling confident enough to take on the real crypto market. You can’t just skip directly to the real market and its trading zone, here are some things to consider when transitioning:

  1. Start small: Begin with a small amount of real money to ease into the actual trading experience. This would initially help you in testing your skills in the live market.
  2. Keep your emotions in check: Real trading involves real emotions. Be prepared to manage fear and greed to make rational decisions. Be prepared before getting into it, as this could lead you to a psychological ride of various emotions. This is totally normal. 
  3. Set Clear Goals: As now you have already had a glimpse of the real market in the virtual world, it’s time for you to define your objectives and create a trading plan to achieve them. Choose what suits you best and make wise decisions.
  4. Stick to Your Strategy: Always follow your trading strategy diligently, even when the market gets volatile. Also, do not forget about learning as it is a lifelong process.

Now, if you have considered this transition, keep educating yourself about the crypto world and new trading strategies. This will ultimately help you in excelling within the market.


Crypto Paper Trading offers a safe and effective way for beginners to enter the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading. By providing a risk-free environment, real-time insights, and a platform to refine trading strategies, it equips aspiring traders with the tools they need for success. 

Embrace Crypto Paper Trading as your learning ground, and when you feel ready, take the leap into real trading with confidence. If you still do not like this idea of crypto paper trading, we are here to cater to your needs in a different yet fun way. Kandle is here to help you learn better trading with the means of crypto gaming.

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