You are currently viewing CoinDCX x Kandle Partnership: A New Era of Crypto Gaming in India
CoinDCX x Kandle Partnership: A New Era of Crypto Gaming in India

CoinDCX x Kandle Partnership: A New Era of Crypto Gaming in India

  • Post published:January 13, 2024

Kandle has joined forces with CoinDCX, India’s largest and most trusted crypto exchange, to provide Indian users with a gamified trading experience. This strategic partnership brings together the prowess of CoinDCX in the crypto trading space and Kandle’s innovative gaming platform, creating a winning combination for crypto enthusiasts in India.

What’s New for Indian Users?

Indian users can now revel in the thrill of crypto gaming on Kandle using INR, thanks to the integration with CoinDCX. The partnership enables Indian users to play Kandle games directly on the CoinDCX app.

One-Tap Deposits and Withdrawals

Kandle users can deposit and withdraw using CoinDCX with a single tap, making transactions frictionless. Just sign in with your CoinDCX account on Kandle and enjoy the convenience of managing your gaming funds effortlessly.

An ingenious Collaboration

This collaboration isn’t just about making things convenient; it’s a transformative venture reshaping the way Indian users interact with crypto trading. Kandle, renowned for its thrilling games and innovative approach, combined with CoinDCX’s stature as a market leader in the crypto exchange domain, lays the foundation for a game-changing partnership.

Why Kandle?

Kandle offers a variety of games that cater to different preferences. From Mega Leagues to Coin Leagues, Predict 2 Win & others, there’s something for every type of gamer.

Global Reach: With over 180,000+ registered users from over 100 countries, Kandle has established itself as a global player in the online crypto gaming industry.

Dive into the Excitement: Explore Kandle’s Diverse Games

In the vibrant realm of Kandle, Indian users can now engage in various exciting games using INR:

Mega Leagues : Users are able to capitalize on rapid market movements & experience instant gains up to an impressive 100X reward in just 60 seconds.

Coin Leagues: Strategic battles where traders compete against each other based on the performance of a specific coin for 2X returns in just 60 seconds.

Portfolio Leagues: A diversified approach allowing users to build a portfolio of different crypto coins, competing against others for rewarding returns.

High/Low: The High-Low Game challenges players in a thrilling environment for an Instant 10X reward, testing their knowledge as they answer 10 questions, comparing crypto coin prices in a time-sensitive manner.

Predict 2 Win: A game of prediction where users forecast whether the price of a given asset will go higher or lower within a specified time frame.

Ready to Dive In?

Indian users can embrace Kandle games by logging into Kandle through the CoinDCX app. The one-tap deposits and withdrawals, coupled with a diverse range of games, promise an unparalleled gaming experience.

Get ready for a new era of crypto gaming in India with CoinDCX x Kandle – where innovation meets accessibility, and gains know no bounds.