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A brief look at the crypto space

  • Post published:November 6, 2023

We’ve seen ups and downs in the market since the FTX collapse, along with Three Arrows Capital and Luna collapse, which led us to the current phase we are in today, which left us with little volume in the market to even trade for low-value investors who trade with $10-$20, which they use to trade futures with little knowledge of the market.

While looking at this problem for a while, we came up with a solution, Kandle. Which we’ll talk about later in this article. Situations like these make many people lose faith in the crypto space. Many of my friends who got into crypto two years ago when everything was pumping, and everyone who got in was making some money have now lost faith since we went below $20k for $BTC.

What do we actually want?

What we need for a bright future of crypto is global adoption and the use of crypto in our daily lives when we solve the problems in everyday lives of the general population. What we have as of now is a cult (literally) on its own, which is too risky for people to join for 1000 reasons.

The dream of Satoshi Nakamoto was to revolutionize money as we saw it, which only seems approachable when we make crypto accessible to understand, especially to the Gen Z kids who are most tech savvy but don’t even know C of crypto. Majority of it, and it’s not even their fault.

To understand crypto, you need to understand money first, then inflation, economy, tech, and global politics, which is not interesting to many.

Making crypto the new normal

For our dreams to come true, crypto needs to become the new normal for everyone, and how do we do that? By gamifying it, of course, in the first place and then using blockchain in our day-to-day lives, and it’s already happening, where? Here are a few sectors :

Internet of Things

Using the “Internet of Things”, shared transactions can be recorded tamper-proof on private blockchain networks. You can share and access IoT data with your business partners using IBM Blockchain without requiring centralized control. By verifying each transaction, permissioned network members can avoid disputes and build trust.


Gaming, in general, has to be the easiest way to make people familiar with crypto; remember the times when we had to connect ethernet ports to our CPU to access the internet, waiting hours for a movie to be downloaded? That’s the phase we are in; to mainstream crypto, gaming is extremely necessary. One such game is Kandle, where we transform the trading experience for newbies and degens, too. Here are the different game formats for Kandle solving the problems we mentioned earlier in the article :

Mega Leagues

A league? What’s that? It’s a game, isn’t it? You can make up to 100X on your money without having to leverage or risk losing your entire wallet. With the Mega League, you can choose a coin that suits your preference and fun-compete with other players. A 100X return on stake is awarded to the player whose coin performs the best in 60 seconds. With as little as $0.1, what are you waiting for?

Coin Leagues

It’s a head-to-head showdown — a direct 1-on-1 challenge. Choose your coin for the next 60 seconds, compete with an opponent, and win the reward with a 2X payout for the victor. Haven’t had it this easy doubling your fun? Low or high stakes, we’ve got it all covered. Leagues kick off with entry fees as low as $1 and stretch up to $100, giving you instant 2X chances.

Portfolio Leagues

Another league? Is this a joke? Not at all. This one’s the safer bet. You build a portfolio with five coins, which might sound intimidating, but it’s a breeze. Randomly select your coins, or just pick 5 in an instant — that’s all there is to it. After you craft your portfolio, you joyously compete with others’ portfolios, and the prize comes your way based on how your portfolio stacks up in the market.


What’s this now? Another shot at scoring 10X with your crypto savvy? This one’s for the true degens, the ones yet to flaunt their crypto skills in front of the boomers. It’s your shot, mate! Play with just $1 and score $10 in under a minute.

What else, huh? Gotta see it to believe it, my friend. Share your thoughts here. This game’s made by the degens for the degens, so fire away with your suggestions and ideas.


Yes, blockchain is already being used in the medical field. Blockchain-powered tools emerged to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. They included an identity management system that aided contact tracing in South Korea and a system to share data and code for research. Blockchain also found itself in the ring for managing supply chains of meds, medical gear, and potential vaccines.

Blockchain’s got the power to shake up healthcare, making patients the bosses in a system that’s safer, more private, and data-friendly. It’s got the juice to revamp electronic health records, making them efficient and airtight. It’s no miracle, but blockchain is the new frontier for trials, cash flow, and testing ideas.


Kandle emerges amidst a crypto rollercoaster, offering a new twist in a space that’s struggled to break the “cult” tag. To make crypto the new normal, Kandle gamifies and democratizes blockchain. It’s not just about the games; it’s about transforming trading experiences and broadening the crypto horizon. The future? Blockchain’s foraying into the medical sphere, redefining transactions and trust. In essence, this crypto odyssey, a mix of trial and innovation, promises a revolution.