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How you can monetize your crypto knowledge

How you can monetize your crypto knowledge

  • Post published:November 24, 2023

Hey, crypto kings and queens(like there are any)! Ready to turn your hodl game into a money-making streak? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the wild world of monetizing your crypto knowledge. Get your moon boots on; it’s time for liftoff!

Part-Time Gigs in crypto

Community Manager, Social Media Sorcerer, and Troll-Tamer:

Forget 9-to-5, we’re talking crypto o’clock! Snag a part-time gig as a community manager, where you’ll be the Jedi of the Telegram galaxy, answering questions and smiting FUD like a crypto superhero. Social media manager? More like the captain of the crypto meme ship. And don’t forget the moderators; they’re the unsung heroes, keeping the peace in the wild west of Discord.

Yup, Just like him

Ambassador Programs and Questing

Become an ambassador, not in the diplomatic sense, but as the high roller of your favorite crypto project. Earn rewards for shilling – I mean, passionately promoting – and completing quests on platforms like QuestN and Zealy. It’s like being a crypto knight on a quest for digital treasure. Just watch out for the crypto JPEG sellers – they’re just FOMO in disguise.

Kandle: Where Fantasy Gaming Meets Crypto Trading Fun

Now, let’s talk Kandle – the place where fantasy gaming and crypto trading have a love child. Mega Leagues, the fast and furious way to win big. Stake as little as $0.1, pick your coin, and compete for 100X returns in just 60 seconds. It’s like winning the crypto lottery without waiting for the moon.

Coin Leagues, the crypto bullfights where you go head-to-head for instant 2X returns. Low stakes or high stakes, it’s your call. Entry fees start at $1, and your chance to double up is just a coin flip away.

Portfolio Leagues, where forming a crypto dream team is as easy as picking your favorite snacks. Build a portfolio of 5 coins, compete against others, and let the market decide who’s the true crypto maestro.

High/Low, for the rebels who want a 10X win in under a minute. Throw in a buck, and watch it multiply. It’s the crypto rollercoaster – fast, thrilling, and a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

Content Creation for Noobs

I know bros, you might not be the most outspoken extroverted obnoxious person, but it’s high time that you take control of the content around crypto, otherwise loud obnoxious dwarf kings like Bitboy Crypto will rule the crypto content forever. What can you do? Well Time to break it down for the crypto noobs in a language even your grandma’s cat can understand. Launch a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast, educating the masses on “How to Crypto 101.” Make it rain knowledge on wallets, exchanges, and how not to panic sell during a dip. Bonus points if you can explain DeFi without making people’s heads explode.

Courses and Consultation

Not sure if you value the girls you could have had if you weren’t a crypto bro, but I do. It took you years to really get the hold of this internet money which somehow works very well. Giants like Meta🍆 and Google🍑 have been hiring crypto tech bros for a while, it is the future, and people are willing to learn about it. Let’s not hand it all to Bitboy’s of the world, let’s take control.

Ready to drop some knowledge bombs and stack sats? Create online courses on platforms like Udemy, teaching the fine art of blockchain wizardry or the ABCs of smart contract sorcery. Offer one-on-one consultations for those desperate for your crypto wisdom – because let’s face it, Google can’t solve everything. If people are buying a dropshipping course from 18 year olds, I think you can provide way more value to people.


So, crypto mavericks, whether you’re wrangling communities, completing quests, dropping crypto knowledge bombs, or playing the Kandle game, remember: the crypto world is your playground. Have fun,keep making money, and let your crypto journey be as wild as a bull market on a rocket ship. 🚀💰