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Kandle’s Affiliate Program: Unlock Earnings for the Lifetime!

  • Post published:August 18, 2023

Are you a crypto enthusiast with a knack for spreading the word? Do you love sharing exciting opportunities with your network? 

If so, get ready to ignite your earnings with Kandle’s Affiliate Program! 🚀

Introducing the Kandle’s Affiliate Program

At Kandle, we’re all about revolutionizing the crypto gaming landscape, and we believe in sharing the rewards with our community. Our Affiliate Program is designed to help you earn substantial rewards while introducing your friends, family, and connections to the world of Kandle.

How does It work?

It’s as simple as making a pie 🍰

You can earn a minimum of 1 USDT for every successful referral. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits waiting for you:

  1. Lifetime Commission: Your fortune is knocking on your door, now get a chance to pocket your lifetime earnings. Ripe this opportunity to get a 10% commission on paid entry fees by your referred players for a lifetime. For instance, every time your referral plays 100 USDT worth of games on Kandle, you earn 10 USDT.
  2. Welcome Bonus for New Users: When your referred users join Kandle, they’re welcomed with up to 1 USDT as a signup bonus. It’s a token of appreciation for joining the Kandle family!

Why join the Affiliate Program?

  1. Earn While You Share: Turn your connections into a source of income. Share your unique affiliate link, and watch as your earnings grow with every new sign-up.
  1. Empower Your Network: By introducing your network to Kandle, you’re giving them a chance to discover the excitement of crypto gaming and potentially earn big too.

How to get started?

You got this, just with these easy steps you can get started: 

  1. Register for the Affiliate Program and generate your unique affiliate link.
  1. Start sharing your link with friends, family, and anyone interested in crypto gaming. As they join through your link and start playing the paid leagues, your earnings automatically start to soar!
  1. Ensure they are using your unique link to sign up, for the assured earnings.

Join the Affiliate Revolution Today!

Kandle’s Affiliate Program is not just about earning rewards; it’s about fostering a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts. Spread the word, empower your network, and watch as your influence lights up the world of Kandle!

Ready to take your crypto journey to the next level? Join the Affiliate Program now and let your network discover the exciting possibilities at Kandle. It’s time to shine bright together!

Note: Kandle’s Affiliate Program is subject to terms and conditions. Please refer here for detailed information.

Sign Up Now and be a part of the revolution! 🎯

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