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Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Mock Drafts: Your Path to Victory

  • Post published:September 7, 2023

Practice can make you or me, anyone a perfect one. But the point is do you believe in that too or not? 

Learning abilities have never been about quick detours to knowledge yet it is a long process of research, analysis, consumption, and implementation of acquired insights. Just like you get them from the Practice Leagues on Kandle.

This blog is going to be something about that only, where you get a chance to skim across a very influential technique. This can also open your doors towards the monetization journey and when you can learn plus earn altogether, who doesn’t want that, right? 

Let’s move ahead towards the exploration.


Heard of Fantasy Football mock drafts or do you just like leagues on Kandle

Fantasy football mock drafts are akin to dress rehearsals for the main event. Well, basically they allow you to practice your drafting skills, test different strategies, and familiarize yourself with player values within the fantasy football leagues. 

In fantasy football, the mock draft serves as the ultimate playground for enthusiasts and strategists alike. It’s the place where you get to experiment, refine your tactics, and build your dream team before the real action kicks off.  

But do you know there are a few simulations that are very crucial on this journey and your major job is to benefit from them in the best possible way? Let’s see how we can achieve this.

How to prepare a mock draft?

Before you embark on your mock draft journey, thorough preparation is essential.

  1. Research player rankings and projections: You need to review fantasy football player rankings and projections from reputable sources like ESPN, Yahoo, FantasyPros, or These rankings will help you identify the best players available at each position. The first step is crucial, take your time and do proper research.
  2. Understand your league settings: Familiarize yourself with the scoring settings, roster positions, and any unique rules of your fantasy football league. This information is essential for practicing effectively. 
  1. Strategize your draft positions: Decide on your draft strategy based on your research and league settings. Common strategies include the “Zero RB” strategy, “RB-heavy” approach, or “Best Player Available” strategy. Make sure your strategy is adapted to your draft position.

But that is not enough, you need to strategize at each step for full-fledged success rates.

What are the strategies?

Let’s have a look at some of these strategies, as follows: 

  1. Value-Based Drafting: It focuses on selecting players who offer the most value relative to their draft position. This approach minimizes risk and maximizes potential return on investment.
  2. The Zero RB Strategy: This strategy involves delaying the selection of running backs in favor of elite wide receivers and tight ends early in the draft. This approach capitalizes on the volatility of the running back position.

    Certainly! The Zero RB Strategy in fantasy football is like playing a game of cards where you decide to hold back your best cards (running backs) until later in the game. Instead, you start by picking strong players from other positions (like wide receivers and tight ends) at the beginning of the draft.
  3. The Late-Round Quarterback Approach: Waiting until later rounds to draft a quarterback can be advantageous, allowing you to secure valuable skill position players first. 

Strategizing the game is essential to save the best moves and utilize them at the best opportunities that come along the way. 

Benefits of Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

Mock drafts serve a myriad of purposes:

  1. Skill Enhancement: By participating in mock drafts, you sharpen your drafting skills, becoming more adept at selecting the best players.
  2. Strategy Testing: You can experiment with various drafting strategies, refining your approach for the actual draft.
  3. Player Assessment: Mock drafts help you gauge the value of players, recognize sleepers, and avoid overhyped picks.
  4. Positional Awareness: They provide insights into positional depth and scarcity, guiding your decisions during the real draft.
  5. Pressure Simulation: Mock drafts mimic the pressure of real drafts, reducing anxiety and improving your decision-making under stress.

Who is the best Fantasy Football pick? 

Selecting the best fantasy football pick for your draft can vary depending on several factors. It’s just like picking the 5 best coins for the Kandle’s Portfolio League

Here are some general guidelines for the top picks in a standard fantasy football draft:

  1. Running Backs (RBs): In most fantasy football leagues, elite running backs are highly coveted because they tend to accumulate the most points. Players like Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, and Derrick Henry are often considered top picks due to their combination of rushing and receiving yards and touchdown potential.
  1. Quarterbacks (QB): Quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray can also be valuable early picks, especially in leagues that award more points for passing touchdowns or have a “superflex” position that allows you to start a second QB.
  1. Wide Receivers (WRs): Top-tier wide receivers like Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, and DeAndre Hopkins can also be excellent first-round picks, especially in points-per-reception (PPR) leagues where receptions are highly rewarded.
  1. Tight Ends (TE): While tight ends typically aren’t chosen in the first round, elite options like Travis Kelce and George Kittle can provide a significant advantage due to their consistent production at a position with fewer standouts.
  1. Team and Schedule: Assess a player’s team situation and upcoming schedule. Players on high-scoring teams with favorable matchups can often deliver better fantasy results.
  1. Injuries and Risk: Be cautious of players with a history of injuries, as they can be more unpredictable. Assess the risk-reward balance when making your picks.

Ultimately, the “best” fantasy football pick depends on your draft strategy, league settings, and personal preferences. It’s essential to stay informed, do your research, and adapt your strategy based on the specific dynamics of your fantasy football league.


Fantasy football mock drafts are the secret weapon of savvy fantasy managers. They provide the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to dominate your league. So, dive into mock drafts, refine your strategies, and pave the way to fantasy football glory!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I start participating in mock drafts?
    It’s advisable to start mock drafting at least a few weeks before your actual draft to get into the groove.
  2. How do I deal with unexpected picks in mock drafts?
    Stay adaptable and stick to your strategy while being open to opportunities that arise.
  3. Is the Zero RB strategy suitable for all leagues?
    No, it depends on your league’s scoring settings and the specific players available.
  1. Which online platforms offer the best mock draft experience?
    Popular choices include ESPN, Yahoo, and Sleeper.
  1. What’s the biggest benefit of participating in mock drafts?
    Mock drafts provide invaluable experience and insights that can lead to better draft-day decisions.