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Crypto Space Is Over The Honeymoon Phase, What’s Next?

  • Post published:October 19, 2023

Lately, the crypto space hasn’t been all roses and sunshine for the investors as well as the newcomers. 

The market has been experiencing a gravity pull with more cons flashing the red signs and fewer pros on the contrary. The stability of the market is disturbed due to many factors leading it to a bearish state, whereas many investors still seem optimistic and await the future.

But on what basis are these investors projecting that crypto will survive and we will soon enough witness the bull run? 

We know your mind is cluttered with various perspectives about crypto, so let’s just clear it all and get to a fresh start. Let’s try and understand the optimistic ideology behind the crypto space which struggles to survive just like every other new technology does. 

The Rise of Crypto

Just like the internet’s humble beginnings, this early stage of cryptocurrencies was from 2009 to 2017, then we saw the ICO boom and witnessed the super cycle in 2020-2021 which made crypto commercial and gained the eyeballs of millions more. As we couldn’t foresee the internet’s transformative power in the ’90s, the true potential of cryptocurrency is still unfolding. Both challenged the status quo, and both have the power to reshape the world. So, fasten your seatbelts, and do not worry– the crypto journey is far from over!

The Honeymoon Phase of Crypto

Just in the early days, it was all like “Lalala Land” where people were pumped about the idea of digital money that was outside the control of traditional banks. Everyone felt like this could be some exceptional way of earning and securing the future.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) era was like a digital gold rush. Startups raised billions by selling their own tokens, and investors saw this as their ticket to instant riches. It felt like the whole world was in on the action.

But, as the saying goes, “What goes up, must come down.” The ICO boom led to some shady projects and scams. Regulators started to take notice, and the euphoria faded. Crypto’s honeymoon phase couldn’t be sustained because the wild, unregulated nature of those early days needed some taming.

While the honeymoon period is over, the crypto market is maturing, and its best days are yet to come.

The Crypto Winter: Understanding Bearish Trends

Do you have any idea what’s causing these frosty and chilly vibes in the crypto space? Let’s see what changed, from lambo bros to this

  1. Market Volatility:
    Crypto’s like life in real – “oh-so-unpredictable”. Huge price swings can leave even the bravest investors shocked. This all is affected mainly by market sentiments, news, or just a random tweet from a celebrity.

  2. Regulatory Challenges:
    Regulators want to keep things legit and lawful but the lack of clear rules makes everyone a little jittery. Different countries have different takes on crypto, and that’s making it hard for the market to find its footing.
  1. Investors backing off:
    Heard this saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”? Investors have been burnt before in crypto, so some are understandably cautious. Scams and rug pulls have left scars, and it takes time to rebuild trust. Yet, people are still taking precautions and waiting for the legitimacy of crypto around the world. 

Learning from History: The Dot-Com Bubble

Ever heard about the “.com” boom?

The dot-com boom was a period of rapid growth in the internet and technology industries. It began in the mid-1990s and reached its peak in 1999. During this time, many internet companies were started, and their stock prices soared.

However, in 2000, the dot-com bubble burst. Many internet companies went bankrupt, and their stock prices plummeted. Despite the dot-com crash, the internet industry has continued to grow. Today, the internet is an essential part of our lives, and .com is still the most popular domain extension in the world. 

We know crypto is in its teenage stage of life but it will grow as well just like the internet once did. It will be normally prevailed by all the industries for their financial purposes and this will help in making a more decentralized economy. 

Crypto’s Future: The Road to Normalization

Internet of Things:

Picture a world where data is trusted, secure, and easily accessible – that’s the power of the crypto world where the aspect of blockchain comes in to highlight.  

What we see in the near future is the normalization of crypto in our day-to-day lifestyle. It’s not far, crypto will be our main medium of finance. The vast technology will be used by various sectors to manage their data as well which will ultimately lead to a more decentralized economic structure.

Crypto Gaming: 

Let’s talk about the part where fun and thrill have been at their peak but still unnoticed. Gaming and crypto – they’re a match made in digital heaven. Crypto is taking over the gaming world with in-game purchases, unique digital assets, and decentralized platforms. 

Gamers worldwide are diving into this new era, making virtual worlds even more exciting and profitable. It’s like leveling up your gaming experience while making lifetime earnings through it. 

One such platform that we have built for your ease is Kandle. Here you can transform your leisure time or invest yourself all in to make a living. The thrill of gaming stays intact as there is so much for you to explore and experience. 

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Social Media is a part of everyone’s life and all of us wish to have transparent and highly encrypted communication, but how is it possible? Only with the uprising blockchain technology. 

Various platforms such as Torum, Minds, and Flote, have been emerging lately and their full-fledged adoption is not far.

Believe it or not, the future is bright and after every winter spring blooms. 

Now the question is what’s all this leading to? 

A new kind of normal. In the not-so-distant future, we’ll be using crypto in our daily routines without even thinking about it. It’s like when the internet went from being a novelty to an essential part of our lives. It’s just the beginning of a boom where all the ups and downs are so normal for it to stabilize. So, get ready for a world where crypto is as familiar as your morning coffee – because it’s coming!