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  • Post published:August 19, 2023

Conquer the Coin League Leaderboard 💪

Hey Kandlers,

We’re excited to present you with a contest, which will not only make your opponents sweat but make your virtual wallet jiggle with USDT. 😎

Brace yourselves, because it involves our favorite Coin Leagues, infamous for their ‘Double-or-Nothing’ nature, ensuring 2x winnings for players, every 30 seconds!

Contest Details:

Duration: 20th – 30th August, 2023
Location: Kandleverse

Rewards worth 30 USDT
​Leaderboard Link – To check for qualifying players

To participate and earn big, all you gotta do is be a consistent gamer and bag the highest count in Coin Leagues, starting August 20th till 30th.

The top 5 players ruling the leaderboard at the end of the contest will share a whopping 30 USDT prize pool. 💸

Start by joining the leagues now and playing a minimum of 10 leagues to qualify for the rewards.

And remember, while practice leagues will make you accustomed to the gameplay, they won’t count for the contest – it’s all about the real deal, after all. 🤝

30 USDT Prize Pool

The top 5 players on the leaderboard will share a total prize of 30 USDT.

Here’s the prize distribution:

🥇- 10 USDT
🥈- 8 USDT
🥉- 5 USDT
4th – 4 USDT
5th – 3 USDT

The more leagues you play, the higher your chance of grabbing the top spot. 🎉

Contest TNCs:

  • Playing a minimum of 10 Coin Leagues during the contest duration will qualify you for the rewards.
  • Practice leagues will not be considered for the contest.
  • Winners will be declared and rewarded on 1st September.

Are you ready for the challenge? Dominate the leagues, and compete for glory & exciting rewards!

Start Playing now 👉